Brandon Beemer

Bold & Beautiful hunk in SA

Local soap fans are undoubtedly über-excited to have three stars from The Bold and the Beautiful in the country. We don’t watch soaps so we wouldn’t care much if it weren’t for the fact that one of the actors visiting our shores is a stud of note. His name is Brandon Beemer and he’s been with the show since 2008 in the role of Owen Knight. The 30 year old was born in Oregon and is of German and Irish ancestry. After high school, he moved to New York City and started modelling before taking acting classes and heading to LA to make it as a thespian.

Best of all, he’s certainly, at the very least, gay-friendly: in 2009 he posed for the NOH8 photographic campaign in support of same-sex marriage in California and he is also rumoured to have dated Lance Bass. Brandon, along with co-stars Nick Wagner and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, will be making an appearance at Joburg Fashion Week this weekend.

Justin Bieber talks a load of nonsense

One has to wonder why a magazine like Rolling Stone would ask a sixteen year old what he thinks about homosexuality and abortion. Justin Bieber told the publication that when it comes to being gay, “It’s everyone’s own decision to do that. It doesn’t affect me and shouldn’t affect anyone else”. While some are up in arms that the Grammy nominated singer appears to believe that being gay is something that individuals choose to become (i.e. a “lifestyle choice”) others see the comment as promoting tolerance. Justin also revealed that he opposes abortion, even in cases involving rape, saying that “everything happens for a reason” and adding “I don’t know how that would be a reason… I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that”. Yeah, we think he’s not really in a position to have an informed opinion anything other than his hairdo…

Channing Tatum

Is Channing Tatum shagging a guy?

We wish, but we assume he was just joking when he admitted as much in a recent interview with GQ magazine. The 30 year old hunky star was talking about his new gladiator film The Eagle in which he plays the slave of co-star Jamie Bell’s character. When asked if the relationship wasn’t somewhat homoerotic, he replied: “Well there are swords, and two guys are sword fighting. There’s a metaphor there I’m sure. And back in the Roman day I think it was probably more accepted than it is now.”

He went on to say,” I think Jamie had a lot of fun having me as a slave. I don’t think I took advantage of it like I should have when he was my slave. But Jamie, yeah — he abused me. So maybe there was some frustration coming out a little bit here and there.” And finally Channing blurted out: “Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now.” The interviewer enquired how that’s going, to which Channing replied: “Going fantastic.” The movie’s been slated by the critics, but we reckon that any flick with Channing running around in a toga can’t be all bad.

Calvin Klein’s boy toy is staking his claim

Calvin Klein (68) must really be in love (lust) with his boy toy, former porn star Nick Gruber, for whom he threw a massive party in New York for his 21st birthday. It’s now been reported that Calvin has also extended the construction of his new house by six months because Nick wants to start collecting “muscle cars” and a new seven car garage is required. Nick has also been in the news thanks to a tiff with Playgirl’s Daniel Nardicio who has been trying to convince him to pose for the magazine but couldn’t get a straight answer. Eventually he texted Nick to forget it. Nick then replied “You only want me because of my fame, so you can go fuck yourself.”

Daniel told the Village Voice’s Michael Musto that he told the brat “that in three years when Klein tired of blowing him, he’d be just another bottle blond looking for work, so he should be more respectful of people trying to give him work.” To this, Nick insisted that “Calvin is my partner” and then issued a threat, “I am famous now, and people want me for my fame, and you should be careful ’cause of the people I know and what they could do to you.” We think this has all gone to poor Nick’s head… and we mean the big one.

Does Adam Lambert have a new boyfriend?

It’s not official yet, but all signs point to Adam having a new man in his life. His name is Sauli Koskinen and he found fame in his homeland of Finland in that country’s version of Big Brother. The two men have been spotted out and about in the US, in one case locking arms, over the past few weeks (see pic on the right). It’s good to know that poor Adam had someone to console him after recently losing out on the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy to Bruno Mars…

Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni floats our boat

We thought we might not run this story this week seeing as Heat magazine beat us to it, but we just cannot resist sharing a pic or two of actor Justin Baldoni wearing nothing more than his swimming trunks. We also have to admit that we’d never heard of him before either, but the 27 year old American has apparently acted in the film Wedding Daze and in television series such as Everwood, Heroes and The Bold and the Beautiful. Here he’s seen aboard the largest cruise ship in the world, Allure of the Seas, shooting a short film. We have one word to add to this… “Yum!”

New superman talks wearing the iconic costume

The Tudors actor Henry Cavill, who will star as the next Superman, has spoken about putting on the famous red and blue costume for the audition – a replica of the one worn by Christopher Reeve. “All I could think was: Oh, god. They’re going to look at me and go ‘He’s not Superman. Not a chance,'” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Superman director Zack Snyder clearly disagreed. “He walked out, and no one laughed,” said Zack. “Other actors put that suit on, and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go ‘Wow. Okay: This was Superman.’” Another movie with a hottie wearing tight-fitting lycra? Count us in!

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