Homosexuals playing rugby? Yes, it does actually happen. Blight Rugby Club, founded in February this year, started out as a small gathering of gay friends having a fabulous picnic in Greenpoint, Cape Town and has grown into a weekly touch rugby game.

This friendly Sunday match is made up of around 25 dedicated members and a few more ‘come-and-goers’.

Blight’s fun logo reflects a tongue-in-cheek approach. The cock is obviously for the gay boys and the fish is for the lesbians. Blight is a play on the term LGBTI, with an added H for the nice (read hot) heteros, because absolutely everyone is welcome.

And everyone, at whatever skill or fitness level, is encouraged to play. Most new players have never once played a ball sport while others have more experience; the result is a nice, challenging level of play.

“Queer touch rugby is the big kiss at the end of the weekend. I have avoided rugby my whole life, and if you told me seven months ago that I’d now be looking forward to it all week, I’d know that you had me confused with someone else,” said one regular.

If running around the field is definitely not your thing, you can also join the spectators who are encouraged to sit on the sidelines while perving / gossiping / judging / getting sloshed.

This is where I will obviously be, since sport is a deep source of fear and inadequacy for me. I suppose that is the whole point of Blight. It is a safe space to have fun and realise rugby is not exclusively for heterosexuals. (I would be an effing great cheerleader though…)

If you are keen to get involved, Blight meet every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the Hamilton’s Rugby Field, on the corner of Helen Suzman Boulevard and Vlei Road in Greenpoint.

After every game they head over to the Slug and Lettuce or Beefcakes for drinks (and sometimes even eats). In fact, Blight’s new shirts have been sponsored by Beefcakes, thanks to owner Grant Eglin.

There are plans to take Blight national, with new clubs possibly opening in Joburg and other cities next year (contact them if you’re keen to get involved).

And, there’s even talk of events with celebrity rugby players (please, God) who would be guest referees / coaches, possibly linked to some kind of charity game to raise funds for LGBTI causes too.

I you want a butch new profile picture, to possibly meet your future boyfriend (that has actually happened) or just feel like some good, clean, dirty fun then get in touch with Blight on their Facebook page.

Blight is also always looking for more sponsorship to expand and grow, so if you have some of that pink rand you might want to blow (ahem), or have any queries, contact Max Roberts at

Pictures by David Lee

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