Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan

The girlfriend of hunky British boy band star Lee Ryan has accused him of cheating on her with a man.

Actress Jasmine Waltz started dating the Blue singer after they met while taking part in the Celebrity Big Brother reality show.

Now, the two have broken up in dramatic public fashion, with Waltz tweeting that she caught him with another man and suggesting that his bisexuality is actually a cover for him being gay.

“The minute I got home to LA, he chested on me with a Man #admitUgay” she wrote, reported the Mirror.

“Wish this was a joke. Living a lie and dragging other ppl into your life is selfish and disgusting… #bereal #manup,” she added.

Both tweets were later deleted. Ryan hasn’t commented other than stating on Instagram: “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

In January, while the two were in the Big Brother house, Ryan, who has two children, revealed that he had previous sexual experiences with men.

“Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimentational shit. I’ll tell you later,” he told fellow housemates, including Waltz.

Blue band mate Duncan James came out as bisexual in 2009 but in recent interviews has described himself as gay. The band has sold 10 million records worldwide.

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