The German Master: Leopold Leisser

A German leather and S&M rent boy, allegedly hired by murder accused Shrien Dewani, could be coming to South Africa to testify against him in court.

The Sunday Times reported that the UK-based Leopold Leisser, who describes himself as “Europe’s leading S&M Escort,” is expected to be a key witness in Dewani’s high profile trial.

Dewani, 33, was recently extradited to South Africa to answer charges that he paid men to carjack the couple and then kill his newlywed bride Anni, 28, in Cape Town in 2010.

It appears that the state’s case is based on the premise that Dewani is secretly gay and arranged to have his wife killed to get out of the marriage without having to reveal his sexuality.

Leisser reportedly claims that Dewani paid him R17,000 for sex on three occasions and told him that he needed to “find a way out of getting married” and that he would be “disowned” by his family if he did not go through with the wedding.

Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, told the Sunday Times that Leisser is “our key witness,” but Leisser himself has refused to comment.

In 2011, Dewani’s publicist, Max Clifford, insisted that “Shrien Dewani has never had a sexual relationship with a man in his life.”

Reported recently retrieved text message from Anni’s phone, in which she apparently told her cousin that she and Shrien had sex “five times” in one night, could be used to dent the state’s case. Other text messages, however, indicate that she was unhappy with the marriage.

Leisser’s website has listed him as being 39-years-old since at least 2011. He is described as having a “hairy body” and “full trimmed beard.”

He claims to have over 15 year’s experience in the S&M scene and to have served in the army. He is available for “outcalls” in the UK and worldwide.

His services include domination, bondage, control, discipline, spanking, flogging, corporal punishment and role play.

“It doesn’t matter if you are totally inexperienced or very experienced, Master has techniques and demands to satisfy respectful candidates at all levels,” reads the text on the website.

Dewani has denied any involvement in his wife’s killing and insists that they were victims of a random hijacking.

Three men have been jailed in connection with the murder, with the killer, Xolile Mngeni, sentenced to life imprisonment.

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