six_moroccan_men_jailed_three_years_for_homosexualitySix Moroccan men have been jailed for up to three years after they were found guilty on homosexuality charges.

AFP reported that they were convicted in the city of Faqih Bensalah on Monday after one of the men’s father accused the others of “coercing” his 19-year-old son to engage in homosexuality.

The men received prison sentences of between one to three years and were also found guilty of additional charges, including prostitution and public drunkenness.

Activists say that gay people are often charged with prostitution and other related offences when prosecuted  in the usually moderate Islamic country.

“The idea is that it had to have been for money,” Ibtissame “Betty” Lachgar, co-founder of pro-gay rights organisation Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties, told Aljazeera America.

“It couldn’t possibly have been because of love or attraction,” Lachgar added sarcastically.

Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco with penalties ranging from six months to three years in jail as well as fines.

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