restaurant_patrons_reveal_homophobia_as_gay_couple_kissYou’ll be horrified at how restaurant patrons reacted when an American hidden camera TV show planted an affectionate gay couple in their midst.

Hosted by John Quiñones, What Would You Do? is a television news magazine programme that depicts how people respond to a variety of staged scenarios.

In an episode last week, the show travelled to the city of Vicksburg in Mississippi, a state that in April passed legislation that could allow businesses to refuse to serve gays and lesbians on the grounds of religious beliefs.

Producers arranged to have a gay couple showing romantic intimacy in a Mexican restaurant and placed a few actors among the real patrons to stir trouble while the hidden cameras rolled.

Watch the outraged and disgusted customers cite the Bible to defend their bigoted views and the two individuals that come to the gay couple’s defence.

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