Umlilo in Magic Man

Rising kwaai diva extraordinaire Umlilo has released a stunning new video for his track Magic Man.

The Cape Town performer and producer is making waves with his electro soundscapes and his gender-busting imagery and unique sense of style.

The track, from his upcoming EP, Aluta, is an electronic fusion of sound; ranging from dark post-dub with afro-dancehall accents to baroque synth pop, accompanied by Umlilo’s vocals.

Magic Man represents a person’s metamorphosis from a tortured outsider to a fully realised divine being and I wanted the music to reflect the transformation,” explains Umlilo, who is openly gay.

“It’s one of my most personal songs and I wanted to explore the physical struggle in all of us to transcend beyond the ordinary and mundane to become greater people,” he says.

The video sees Umlilo reunite with talented director Jasyn Howes and DOP Nicolas vd Westhuizen, with the avant-garde styling expertise from Art Mataruse, make-up artist Charli Vdr and visuals by Danielle Clough aka Fiance Knowles.

Read Mambaonline’s recent interview with Umlilo here. Watch Magic Man below.

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