A proud homophobe: Bobi Wine

A Ugandan rapper, who’s been dropped from planned UK shows because of his gay ‘murder lyrics’, has lashed out at his critics and gays and lesbians.

A well-known celebrity in Uganda, Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi) has included hateful lyrics in his songs, urging the killing of gay people. He was set to perform in the UK next month.

In his popular reality television show, Wine was shown writing lyrics for a new song that describe homosexuality as an “abomination”. He also wrote: “If you’re a man, you better be a man. If you’re a girl, you better stay a girl.”

The lyrics go on to state: “Some men dress like a bitch and get it like a bitch. They stink like fish. Fire will burn the batty man. Burn all the batty man. All Ugandans get behind me and fight the batty man.”

“Batty man” is a derogatory Jamaican word for gay men.

Wine has also previously expressed his support for the passing of the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill by the Ugandan Parliament late last year.

News about his dangerous homophobia has since prompted venues for the UK shows to demand that he be dropped from the artists’ line-up.

Responding to the furore on Wednesday, Wine defended his anti-gay views. He explained on his Facebook page that as “a Law abiding citizen of Uganda” it is his duty “to adhere to the law as required of me by the constitution.”

He insisted that, “I am personally not out to threaten the life of any individual based on their sexual Orientation, I just DO NOT agree with them.

“I completely fail to understand the pride and why the gays are so happy about it. If my opinion makes me third world, then am happy to be.”

Wine added: “The bottom line is that we should struggle to better our selves and it’s not fair when one tries to “arm-twist” society to legalise bad habits just because they have a sponsor. We just can’t compromise our Values and Dignity.”

Charles Small from the Drum Arts Centre, where Wine had been scheduled to perform, told the Birmingham Mail that his venue “will not tolerate or condone any homophobic sentiments and lyrics at any time.”

“And if an artist or individual was found to be in breach of our rules while on stage or in the building the show or performance would be terminated and persons ejected from the building,” he said.

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