“I am not gay!” says Augustine Okoye

Nollywood actor Augustine Okoye says he’s being harassed by gay people after he played a gay role in a movie.

Okoye reportedly appears in film called The Black Skull as gay man, which he told was his most challenging role.

The Vanguard newspaper noted in another interview with the star that he played “the role to perfection”, leading to “many insinuating that the actor may very well be gay.”

When asked if he is indeed gay, Okoye responded: “For the fact that I recently played a role in a gay movie does not make me one.”

He insisted: “I am straight, I took the role because I wanted to prove to directors and producers that I can take any role and give my best in it. Fans [have] been saying congrats for a job well done.”

Okoye went on to add: “Please gays should stop harassing me because I am not a gay. I am not gay and I will never be gay.”

He, however, seems much more welcoming of his female fans, even if they are overbearing.

“You have to give them that goodwill back and if someone is being too persistent, you’ll find a way around it and make her understand you are not out for what she wants,” Okoye said about his female followers.

In the interview, the actor gushed about his “special woman” who he declined to name. “She is special and I want her to stay that way. I do not want her name in the press but she is special,” he said.

Homosexuality is a taboo in Nigeria. Anti-gay sentiment has swelled in recent months after the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act earlier this year further outlawed same-sex relationships and anyone who supports or operates gay clubs, societies and organisations.

Gay sex was already illegal in Nigeria, with penalties including 14 years imprisonment. Twelve northern states in Nigeria operate under Islamic Sharia law that allows homosexuality to be punished with death by stoning.

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