Nick the gardener

Ellen DeGeneres has treated viewers to two hunky guests who stripped off on her show, much to the delight of fans of the male physique (that would be us).

On Monday, Ellen surprised her gorgeous “gardener” Nick (real name Bill Reilich) with a phone call that could change his life and career.

She first got the 24-year old former assistant basketball coach to take off his shirt to “pick” some apples on set.

Then, while still shirtless (of course), the handsome “staff-member” received a call from actor Channing Tatum confirming that Nick had won a role in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

“After careful inspection of your ab region, we have deducted that we need you in Magic Mike XXL,” Tatum said.


Tyler Posey

Ellen had previously arranged an audition for Nick for the role. He was also recently in the tabloids after a series of explicit nude photos were leaked online, which were (mostly) quickly removed (do feel free to Google away).

Ellen brought another stud onto the show, this time Tyler Posey, star of the gay-friendly series Teen Wolf.

The 22-year-old male beauty was there to show his support for the fight against breast cancer.

Sporting bright pink briefs, and shyly holding his crotch, Posey was “dunked” by none other pop star Pink.

That simple act simultaneously raised $10,000 dollars towards breast cancer research and made us extremely happy to to be watching.

Check out Ellen’s hunks in actions below.

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