Troye Sivan’s new track ‘Bloom’ is about bottoming! (Watch)


South African-born star Troye Sivan is blowing up the Internet with his amazing new track Bloom, that’s apparently all about bottoming.

The release of the song and lyric video saw the track’s title trending on social media around the world, as fans praised the sensual and tender ode to same-sex love.

Based on the lyrics alone, Bloom seems to be about a gay man’s first sexual experience, with words like, “Take a trip into my garden, I’ve got so much to show ya,” and “baby, I’ve been saving this for you.”

Sivan also sings: “Tell me right before it goes down, Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now. Might tell you to take a second, baby, slow it down.” The soaring chorus is: “I bloom just for you…”

In the lyric video, an animated version of the 22-year-old performer floats in the air in ecstasy as he’s surrounded by plants and blooming flowers

In a separate video to promote the track, Sivan says with a cheeky grin: “Bloom is a song about trying new things with the person that you love, or maybe with someone that you just met – no judgment!”

Responding to speculation about the song’s meaning, he added fuel to the fire by tweeting the hashtag, “Bops Bout Bottoming,” but soon after deleted it (although not before it was screen-grabbed).

Bloom is the third track off Sivan’s upcoming, as yet untitled, new album which is expected to be released in June.

Sivan, currently one of the hottest young music stars in the world, was born in Johannesburg before emigrating to Australia when he was two. He became a household name after he played the part of Spud in the three film adaptations of the best-selling South African novels.

In 2013, Sivan came out as gay in a frank video to his YouTube followers, which number over 4 million. The multi-talented star released his stunning debut studio album, Blue Neighbourhood in 2015. He has become a vocal activist for LGBTQ rights.

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