Twitter homophobia | Somizi and gay men told to stop dressing like clowns


Somizi Mhlongo / Instagram

In more news of South African men being homophobic, a Twitter user has posted an “open letter” to Somizi and his gay friends, calling them clowns for how they dress.

The Twitter user, by the name of @CarelessDe, posted the clip on Wednesday, in which he says that gay men who don’t dress “conservatively” look like clowns and are doing so for attention.

“If you are gay man, do you really need to look like a clown? It’s like you guys are trying too hard man,” @CarelessDe states in the video, titled “Open letter to Somizi and his gay friends.”

He goes on to compare how the choreographer and Idols SA judge dresses to his fiancé, Mohale Motaung, asserting that Mohale dresses in a more appropriately conservative manner that doesn’t attract “unwanted attention.”

According to the user, because straight men sometimes like to experiment (with other men), gay men who wear “feathers and all” will bring them unnecessary and embarrassing attention in public. The post has been re-tweeted more than 600 times and has received more than 1,400 likes.

@CarelessDe insists that he has no problem with gay people and closes off the video by saying he’s just giving gay men “tips” (to basically please men who are in the closet, by dressing more conservatively).

@CarelessDe then tweeted again, trying to justify his video.

Well, this obviously didn’t sit well with Gay Twitter and the [real] clown got the backlash he deserved.

In the wise words of Mo’Nique: “You see, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite!”


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