Botswana Collective Celebrates Black African Queer Creativity with New Zine


Ta Pinda showcases film photography and portraits taken by Zambian visual artist Visule Kabunda

Botswana-based art collective Banana Club is proudly celebrating the resilience, beauty, and creative prowess of black African queer bodies with the launch of its latest project, Ta Pinda, a limited edition zine in Paris.

The limited-edition zine was created in collaboration with Feu Magazine, a Paris-based publication celebrating queer and Creole identities.

It features a collection of film photography and portraits taken by Zambian visual artist Visule Kabunda, showcasing the vibrant talent nurtured through the 2023 Banana Club Artist Fund.

Empowering Through Artistic Expression

The Ta Pinda zine is accompanied by a travelling exhibition, currently on display in Paris before continuing its journey to Gaborone and Johannesburg.

This exhibition serves as a testament to the transformative force of the Banana Club Artist Fund (BCAF), which aims to depoliticise Botswana’s queer representation by empowering emerging creative entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

Through financial support, safe spaces, mentorship, and curatorial guidance, BCAF fosters an environment where artistic visions can flourish.

Tanlume Enyatseng, Founder and Creative Director of Banana Club, explains that ‘Ta Pinda’ is a Kalanga and Shona phrase meaning ‘we are entering’ or ‘we are passing through.’

“This project serves as both an announcement and an acknowledgment of our presence. In this endeavor, we declare our entry into the homes, hearts, and histories that shape the dynamic tapestry of our community,” says Enyatseng. 

“Through the pages of this zine, we embark on a journey of recognition and exploration, unravelling the stories and images behind the scenes of the 2023 Banana Club Artist Fund.”

Celebrating inclusivity and challenging harmful narratives

By opening doors for visual artists across all disciplines, BCAF aims to showcase the diversity and richness of creative expression within the community, celebrating inclusivity and challenging harmful narratives.

“Banana Club’s mission has always been to preserve, collect, and uplift stories, works, and archives that amplify African and predominantly black queer voices,” adds Enyatseng.

Founded in 2019, Banana Club is dedicated to celebrating and empowering African and predominantly black queer voices through art, advocacy, and community-building initiatives.

For more information about Banana Club, visit or follow them on Instagram.


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