Power expo company KragDag attacks LGBTIQ+ community as “unnatural”


The organisers of the KragDag alternative power exhibition have used their email business newsletter as a platform to condemn LGBTIQ+ people as unnatural and ungodly.

Based in Rayton, outside of Pretoria, KragDag (Power Day) hosts expos focused on providing options for South Africans to become self-sufficient in areas including electricity, water and security.

In their latest newsletter, which was also shared on Facebook, the owners of KragDag felt it appropriate to publish an editorial in Afrikaans addressing LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

The article comments on Woolworths’ recent Pride Month campaign, describing it as an “alliance and financial support for the LGBTQIA+ gender-confused.”

It claims that transgender and gender-diverse people are “victims of gender obsession” who identify with “fictitious imaginary genders that take possession of their bodies.”

The owners of KragDag explain that they chose to make this statement because the company’s “philosophy” celebrates “the Lord’s laws of nature (also of being a man and being a woman), as part of His order of creation, which offers man the opportunity to tackle technological and societal progress.”

They further state that LGBTQ+ people “ignore the Lord’s spiritual and social laws or think that they have more insight than the Lord.” KragDag also affirms its support for a boycott of Woolworths called by conservative religious leaders and so-called “family groups.”

“By buying from Woolworths, your money is now supporting something that is against God’s order of creation. (This, of course, also applies to other similar institutions.),” states the company.

The post on the company’s Facebook page had few supporters and instead sparked hundreds of defiant comments with rainbow flag emojis and images.

One individual, outraged by the rainbows, responded that LGBTQ+ people were destined for damnation. “By using the rainbow colours of the Lord’s rainbow for certain self-centred reasons that is mocking the Lord and it comes from the pit of hell! Judgements is coming very, very soon!” he ranted.

It seems extraordinary that a company would so openly and flagrantly publicise such a hateful expression of queerphobia.

KragDag’s website lists its numerous sponsors, which include Pretoria FM, Maroela Media and several companies specialising in farming equipment. We hope that these companies are aware of KragDag’s discriminatory views and will consider how this may reflect on their brands and businesses.

Mamba contacted KragDag via email and Facebook Messenger with several questions. The company had not replied by the time of publishing.

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